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The Writers' Studio at Clayton State – Making Dreams Real for Writers

The Writers' Studio at Clayton State – Making Dreams Real for Writers

Dec 18 2014

Located on the second floor of the Arts & Sciences Building at Clayton State University is an organic community of learners.


Now Clayton State has a lot of communities dedicated to making its 7000+ students’ dreams real, and many of these communities are targeted towards assisting and/or tutoring students in areas such as math or testing-taking. In fact, an entire organization, the Center for Academic Success, is available to provide tutoring for all students across the academic spectrum.


Then there’s that community in the Arts & Sciences Building, the one that provides support for students in a discipline that crosses virtually all academic boundaries… it’s The Writers’ Studio, which aims to support writing-intensive courses, curricular programs and individual students; a support center with both face-to-face and online services that is focused on helping students become better writers.


Under the direction of Assistant Professor of English Dr. Sipai Klein for the past three years, The Writers' Studio, through its student and faculty writing consultants, provides a number of opportunities for students to gain help with their writing (including offering writing consultations at the Clayton State – Fayette instructional site). They include:


* One-with-one, individual writing sessions with trained undergraduate, graduate, and part-time faculty writing consultants;


* Follow-up emailed written feedback after each writing session;


* eTutoring services accessed online via where students receive revision-based comments and end-of-paper summative feedback with 24 to 48 hours;


* Faculty-led Write-Right Workshops throughout each semester that address issues such as integrating quotations, avoiding plagiarism, thesis development, and MLA and APA formatting style guidelines;


* Dozens of print handouts on writing topics such as passive vs. active voice, comma use, analysis vs. summary;


* Lightning sessions where faculty may request for a writing consultant to visit a class for an in-person informational session about ways The Writers’ Studio may help students with writing


“The Writers’ Studio is an organic outcome of the teaching and learning environment fostered at Clayton State University,” says Klein. “The Writers’ Studio serves the unique role of developing a learning center where students cultivate their identity as writers and communicators who meet the challenges of academically relevant literacy practices. The Writers’ Studio employs collaborative educational principles as students extend, reinforce, and practice academic and workplace literacies. Such efforts by The Writers’ Studio all aim to support student retention and success.


“The dreams made real at Clayton State depend in part on the University’s capacity to support, sustain, and foster an academic community. As part of the work done at The Writers’ Studio, we aim to support students who wish to improve as writers both for their academic, para-professional, and professional writing needs.”


In recent years, in response to student demand and student needs, The Writers' Studio has extended its services; more evening hours, providing writing assistance during the summer sessions, and implemented the eTutoring online writing support service. Klein also points out that they encourage students to focus on revision, on helping students notice their own writing patterns, and on showing students how to apply newfound skills to their future work. The idea is that The Writers' Studio doesn’t simply edit or proofread papers; it partners with students towards the goal of becoming more organized, resourceful, exacting, and accomplished writers.


“The Studio aims to promote Clayton State University’s goal of making dreams into realities by supporting students from across the curriculum with a variety of support services,” adds Klein. “These efforts aim to be part of collaborative initiatives at Clayton State University and the wider university community. In our eyes, writing is a facet of the habits of mind and body and, therefore, is a part of the human experience. We, therefore, aim to collaborate with departments and programs to develop an educational experience to support student-writers from an array of disciplines.”

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