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Pritul Patel Makes His Own and Others’ Dreams Real at Clayton State

Pritul Patel Makes His Own and Others’ Dreams Real at Clayton State

Jun 02 2014

“From when I first landed here in Georgia, to the person I am today, I can proudly say that Clayton State University has been a huge part of my path to success,” proclaims Clayton State alumnus Pritul Patel.

Patel was born and raised in London, “East London to be exact,” he says. He moved to the United States in the pursuit of his university education. Clayton State’s moderate size and diverse community of students are what attracted Patel to study here. He was very fond of the personal attention his professors afforded him due to the intimate class sizes.

After considerable deliberation and multiple changes of major, Patel graduated with his Bachelor’s in Mathematics. The alumnus is quick to point out that Clayton State has one of the best math departments as well as outstanding departmental faculty.

Patel has collaborated with the Clayton State Center for Academic Success’ (CAS) Sarah Minion, Associate Professor of Mathematics Dr. Christopher Raridan, and Assistant Professor of Mathematics Dr. Elliot Krop to complete and publish two mathematics-related research articles in the area of Graph Theory. He attributes this accomplishment, as well as others, to the help of the Math Department.

“The Math Department has considerably helped me on my path to success, however, I would also like to thank Kathy Garrison in the Center for Academic Success for being supportive of my future goals. The CAS has helped me grow as an individual,” states Patel. 

This comment comes as no surprise, since immediately following graduation Patel landed a tutoring job in CAS. He is ecstatic about the center and professes that his passion for tutoring math combined with the feelings of happiness he gets from helping the student body make him love his job.

“I am happy to be a part of other student’s lives in making their dreams be made real!” exclaims Patel.

Patel is in no rush to leave the U.S. and explains that he will remain here for “however long I need to.” He has applied for a one-year employment authorization to the U.S. government in order to gain experience in his related field. He is also the first Clayton State international student to apply and receive the 17-month employment extension for STEM majors.

While working in CAS, Patel is seeking employment in the private sector in order to gain experience. He comments that he has, “received help and guidance from many of the services offered at Clayton State such as Career Services. Even the Math Department and CAS have offered me advice.”

Patel admits that arriving in the U.S. was a big culture shock for him, but he remedies his homesickness by continuing to practice hobbies he picked up back home.

“During the week I help students, plan and organize study sessions and events, train tutors, and help make dreams real. On the weekend, however, I travel up and down the coast to perform the DHOL at weddings. The DHOL is a drum that originates in India and is played at Indian weddings,” he explains.

In the past, he has played at notable events such as the Annual Savannah Asia Fest and during multiple occasions for the Queen of England. 

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