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President Hynes Survives the “Longest Ice Bucket Challenge”

President Hynes Survives the “Longest Ice Bucket Challenge”

Aug 27 2014

Think about all of the Ice Bucket Challenges you’ve seen on You Tube or TV. They all went by pretty fast, right? No one wants to spend more time than they have to under a deluge of ice water.

Clayton State President Dr. Thomas Hynes joined in the Ice Bucket Challenge today on the Clayton State University Quad, coming through with flying (though chilly) colors after what seemed like an endless, 12-second exposure to a bucket of ice water at the mitts of the Clayton State mascot, Loch. While Hynes is a native of a somewhat colder climate – Boston – he pointed out prior to the dousing that his background does not in any way make ice any warmer. In other words, while Hynes may be used to the cold, this was not a dream made real.

“That’s got to be the longest Ice Bucket Challenge I’ve ever seen,” commented more than one observer in the large and cheering crowd of Clayton State faculty, staff, students and administrators, an audience that included almost all of the President’s Cabinet.

(Director of Campus Store Services Todd Smith, speaking for Loch after the Challenge, explained that Loch bears no animus towards the president, it’s just that mascots are not equipped with typical hands, thus maintaining a secure grip on a large bucket of ice water is a rather dicey proposition.)

The Ice Bucket Challenge is for the benefit of the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Association and all funds raised will be used to further research for what Hynes characterized as, “an exceptional cause.

“”The real horror is that a diagnosis means a death sentence for its victims,” he adds. “That’s why so many have gravitated to this cause to which I’m extraordinarily proud, although I’ll be cold, to contribute.”

Hynes also added that he was even more motivated to take part in the challenge because the father of a colleague recently passed away from the effects of ALS.

Hynes was answering the challenge of Dr. Ricardo Azziz, president of Georgia Regents University, and Dr. Kyle Marrero, president of the University of West Georgia. Rumor has it that Marrero was guided in his challenge by Dr. Micheal Crafton, current West Georgia provost and former Clayton State provost.

One of the best parts of the Challenge is that he who gets doused gets to challenge others. In this case, Hynes “called out” Michael Burnett, president of Piedmont Fayette Hospital and chair of the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce, Tim Crawford, president of Heritage Cadillac and chair of the Clayton State University Foundation, and Dr. Kevin Demmitt, Clayton State interim provost and vice president of Academic Affairs. Demmitt in turn has challenged the Clayton State deans to also take part in the Challenge. What Demmitt refers to as a “mass dunking” will take place on Thursday, Aug. 28, also on the Clayton State Quad at 12:30 p.m.

A TV-quality video of Hynes‘ Ice Bucket Challenge is available at It’s also available on the official Clayton State You Tube channel at

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