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Parking on Campus

Aug 15 2014


Welcome to all the freshmen as well as other new students, faculty and staff, and welcome back to all who have been off for the Summer.

First the good news, we are anticipating another record number of students on campus this Fall. And now the not so good news, finding that prime parking space on campus will be even more challenging.

As you may know, the ongoing construction of the new Science Building on campus has impacted some of our campus parking lots.   For those of you who are new to the campus, and as a reminder to the others, a large section of the D lot was redesignated from general parking to faculty/staff only, and a section of the G lot was similarly redesignated from general parking to student only parking.   Although these changes did not increase the actual number of parking spaces on campus, they have better accommodated specific groups.

At the start of each semester, we like to remind the campus community of the availability of open parking (i.e. no parking permit required) in the K and L lots near the tennis courts and the SAC.  Although these lots may not be as convenient to your work space or classroom as other lots, the likelihood of easily finding a parking space in the K and L lots is much greater and less stressful, especially during peak times of the day, than in closer lots. We encourage everyone to consider routinely parking in the K and L lots, unless there is a critical need to park closer. It is a short walk from these lots to any building on main campus.

Our officers patrol the K and L lots frequently to determine the rate of usage and provide feedback to the administration, which will assist in the planning for any additional parking enhancements or changes that may be needed as the campus continues to grow.  Officers also patrol other campus parking lots and issue citations when violations of campus parking policies are observed.  I suggest that everyone review the parking rules and regulations that are posted on the Public Safety website.  Also, hard copies can be obtained at our office in Edgewater Hall.  Please adhere to the parking rules and signage to avoid unnecessary and unwanted parking fines.

We have a standing campus committee that meets monthly to review parking related issues and appeals of campus parking citations.  It is comprised of a cross section of the campus community, including faculty, staff and students.  Anyone having suggestions or comments that they would like to be reviewed by the committee may submit them to me at any time for presentation at the next meeting.

Thanks in advance for everyone’s patience and cooperation in our constant efforts to ensure a safe and comfortable workplace and educational institution.

Bobby Hamil
Chief of Police
Clayton State University

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