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Nursing Faculty Member Teaches Nursing English to South Korean Students

Nov 10 2014

Clayton State nursing professor Barbara Wiggs went to South Korea to teach Nursing English to Korean students through an educational collaboration with Daejeon University during the summer semester 2014.

“This global opportunity has really opened my eyes to the importance of international collaboration and educational growth process,” states Wiggs. She describes this collaboration as opening the door of opportunity for, “future academic and financial growth and development.”

Wiggs has been a full-time faculty member at Clayton State since the fall 2013 semester and teaches Nursing Pediatrics, Interactive communications, English as a Second Language (ESL), and nursing terminology classes.

“Nursing English is a very popular and growing course taught globally to foreign born students that want to learn English,” Wiggs states. “It’s an introduction to nursing through classroom lectures and various clinical experiences.”

A native to Long Island, N.Y., Wiggs didn’t always want to teach nursing. Her original dreams were to be an engineer or an attorney, but she, “grew to like caring for people’s health and well-being after seeing loved ones and family members suffer from illnesses,” she explains. “I have discovered my true niche in Nursing Education.”

Wiggs’ passion for teaching nursing has grown enough that it transcends U.S. borders. During her three-and-half-week trip to South Korea she taught two ESL-Nursing English sections to undergraduate students.

“The tenacity and hard-work ethic of the students and their perseverance towards learning and excelling was enthralling,” comments Wiggs. “I most admired their level of respect and appreciation towards teacher and learning.”

After receiving a warm welcome from the community, university, and fellow U.S. students who were studying abroad, Wiggs can’t wait to go back to Daejeon.

“I plan to continue with study abroad programs in Korea and in other countries as well,” she explains. “Having this wonderful introduction has allowed me to realize that I really love working with international students and teaching them while I learn.”

Since her trip to South Korea, Wiggs has been busy seeking international education opportunities. She has been to Guadalajara, Mexico twice in 2014 to speak at two International Medical and Nursing Conferences and volunteer at local hospitals.

“I hope the future will allow me the opportunity to visit other developing and developed countries to teach Nursing Education,” exclaims Wiggs.

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