Newsroom Blog Names Morrow Atlanta’s Most Affordable Suburb

Jun 04 2015

The website recently named Morrow, home of Clayton State University, as being Atlanta’s most affordable suburb.

According to the Movoto website ( the ranking of the top 10 most affordable Atlanta suburbs was reached “by looking at all of the largest places outside of Atlanta in terms of the following budget friendly criteria.”

Those criteria included; cost of living, median home value, percentage of income spent on rent, affordability ratio (the median home price divided by income).

Here’s what Movoto had to say about Morrow.

“This little city in Clayton County is not your average suburb. Even though it’s small, with fewer than 7,000 residents, Morrow still has plenty going on. It’s home to Clayton State University, beautiful nature, a branch of the U.S. Archives, the main campus of the Georgia Archives, and of course, Spivey Hall, its famous performance venue.

“And if all of that isn’t enough for you, Atlanta is just a quick commute away. Really, the fact that you can actually afford to live here is just the cherry on top of this sundae.”

The key stats for Morrow are as follows:

    Cost of living: 90, compared to the Atlanta average of 104

    Income spent on rent: 24.5 percent

    Affordability ratio: 2.1

The entire top 10 affordability rankings by Movoto were:

1. Morrow

2. Locust Grove

3. Conley

4. Barnesville

5. Centerville (tie)

5. Irondale (tie)

7. Forest Park

8. Thomaston

9. Redan

10. Panthersville

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