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Mélanie Poudevigne Hosts ACSM Workshop in Cyprus

Mélanie Poudevigne Hosts ACSM Workshop in Cyprus

Oct 09 2014

Dr. Mélanie Poudevigne, FACSM, director of the Clayton State University Health & Fitness Management program, returned from the island nation of Cyprus this week, after hosting a first-time ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) Middle East workshop for fitness specialists. The workshop prepared interested individuals to become personal trainers.

“The ACSM workshop in Cyprus was an extraordinary success and experience with participants from Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Cyprus and Saudi Arabia,” she says. “It was a first for this area of the world.”

Poudevigne adds that the workshop was originally schedule to be hosted in Lebanon, but that she decided to move it to Cyprus due to the various conflicts in the area around Lebanon.

The workshop, which was held at the Frixos suites in Larnaca, Cyprus, was made possible by SPI fitness in Lebanon and the ACSM CCRB international committee. Poudevigne is a member of the international committee for certifications at ACSM.

“We are a group of four who assist countries who do not have any certifications in fitness and sports medicine get access to that knowledge around the world,” she explains. “I was asked if I could help with the Middle East since they know I have lived in that region and I have a dual citizenship which can help with the language and some political barriers.

“It was going to be offered in Lebanon but we were told that with the unrest in Israel and Syria, we should choose a more neutral ground. Cyprus has always been willing to welcome events that could not happen in other areas of the world. For example, the U.S. soccer team played Ukraine before the World Cup in Cyprus due to the Ukraine conflict.”

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