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Kati Rogers Appointed Associate Director of International Student Services

Kati Rogers Appointed Associate Director of International Student Services

Jan 29 2015

Clayton State University welcomes the new Associate Director of International Student Services, Kati Rogers, as a member in the University’s team to further support international students through regular advisement, awareness of diverse leadership opportunities, and the growth of cultural and global competence.

Clayton State’s new international guiding light originates fittingly from the bright sunshine state of Florida, where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from the University of South Florida and her Master of Science in International Affairs from Florida State University. Rogers, however, is hardly a stranger to Georgia, having the majority of her international advisement career at Georgia State University and Mercer University.

Rogers’ love for international education derives from her desire to make a positive impact on student lives while helping them realize the value of education on an international level. She recognizes Clayton State’s growing international relevance in the increasingly globalized workforce, and hopes that her aid in furthering campus diversification will allow students to become more competitive against the changing job market.

“The Clayton State campus is open to and ready for an increased international presence, and I look forward to contributing to that presence,” Rogers says, already enthusiastic about the selection of study abroad programs Clayton State as to offer and the numerous international students on campus who are excited to have a fulltime advisor once again.

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