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James Ranks Clayton State “Best Value” in Higher Education in Georgia

James Ranks Clayton State “Best Value” in Higher Education in Georgia

Sep 12 2014

In its July 2010 Second Annual Best Colleges & Universities in Georgia issue, James magazine stated that Clayton State University is “proof that ethnic diversity and scholastic achievement can make for a happy marriage in the modern South.” In the 2011 version of Best Colleges & Universities in Georgia, James called Clayton State a “treasure of a Georgia university.” Now, in its 2014 Education Issue, James is calling Clayton State the best value in higher education in Georgia.

"The editors of James review national publications recognized for their ratings and rankings of institutions of higher learning and then create their own 'scoring matrix' for the various categories listed in the '2014 Education Issue,'” explains the James editorial staff. “Our staff from InsiderAdvantage, as the state's most established public opinion research firm (pollsters for organizations ranging from Politico to the top three network affiliates in Atlanta over the past 14 years -- currently Fox5 Atlanta and the Morris Newspapers) then review relevant statistics related to all universities and colleges as well as the national matrix to determine rankings for the issue.

“The editors determined that, based on a combination of various rankings by national publications and related statistics gathered by our staff, Clayton State is the best overall value (for cost as compared with/to academic standards and quality of education) of any institution of higher learning in Georgia."

In other words, Clayton State is the best in the state at actually making dreams real.

In addition, James, which is published by InsiderAdvantageGeorgia, also ranks Clayton State ninth overall among all Georgia universities.

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