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Information on Clayton State’s Emergency Weather Procedures

Feb 13 2015

During emergency weather situations, information about Clayton State’s plans will also be available on the University’s web page (, through emails sent directly to all faculty, staff and students, on the University's Facebook and Twitter accounts, and through the University’s main telephone number (678) 466-4000.

In addition, the four major Atlanta network television stations (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox), All-News 106.7 WYAY-FM and WSB-AM (750) radio will also be notified for their school closing announcements.

Please do not call the Clayton State Office of Public Safety.

Clayton State's "Stay Safe" weather policy is as follows…

"At times of bad weather or other emergencies, University officials make decisions on whether or not to close the campus based on public safety reports and other considerations. In such cases, the safety and security of the majority of students is a prime consideration. If the University is closed, then classes are cancelled for all students.

"If the institution remains open, we recognize that there may be special circumstances that pertain to individual students that are more serious than those that apply to the majority. So, students are advised to use their best judgment about their safety and that of their families in those situations, and to consult with individual faculty members about making up lost time.

"University closure also applies to all University faculty and staff except those designated by their supervisors as essential personnel. If the institution remains open, staff should consult with their supervisor and make them aware of any individual circumstances that may exist that prevents them from reporting to duty."

The opening/closing policy for Clayton State – Fayette and the Academy for Advanced Studies in McDonough is as follows… basically, the rule will be, if the main campus is closed, Clayton State – Fayette will be closed and Clayton State classes in McDonough will not be held.

Also, if the Henry County schools are closed, Clayton State classes in McDonough will not be held. If Clayton State is open during inclement weather, the status of Clayton State – Fayette will be determined independently.

When in doubt, check the Clayton State website -- the home page banner -- for details.

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