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Dreams Made Real at the Place Where Dreams Come True… Walt Disney World

Jan 08 2015

“Dreams Made Real” and “Dreams Come True” will unite to provide an experiential college learning experience of a lifetime for Clayton State Business major Talia Badru and Liberal Studies major Alexander Brown during the spring of 2015.


The two undergraduates will be leaving mid-January to embark on an adventure to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla., where they will be housed for the semester, take part in college courses, and work in merchandise to help learn how to brand their names on their business career paths.


More than 4,000 students from various universities all over the world take part in the Disney College Program. The program has been offered to all majors at Clayton State since 2011. There have been a total of six Clayton State students involved in the program, including the previously-mentioned Badru and Brown, along with 2014 graduate and Supply Chain Management major Desaree Overton, 2013 graduates and Management majors Jessica Phillips and Brittany Williams, and current Theater major Zachary Smith.


Career and Internship Advisor for College of Business Sanford Dennis hopes to send 20 to 30 students per semester to the place where dreams come true, and is excited about the opportunity for students to have Disney on their resume before graduating. For the students, the program is a chance to network and learn while in the heart of one of the great businesses in the world. The program focuses on how the students can brand their own name.


“I can’t wait for the opportunity to explore something different,” says Badru. “Through meeting new people and working hard while at school, it will make me more diligent, more focused.”


Badru, who expressed her favorite Disney character as being Jasmine from Aladdin, due to her being the only ethnic princess, anticipates the many diverse people she will meet at the Disney College Program and the hands-on, eyes-wide opportunities that the seminars, workshops, and job experiences will bring her.


“I intend to be the CEO of my own company one day, and to study such a huge business will be a great benefit,” Badru says.


Brown, whose Disney favorite is Simba simply because “he’s the king,” hopes to brand his own roar by connecting with people, socially and academically. His bigger dreams include to one day become a talk show host, like Ellen DeGeneres.


“Disney is a great gateway to that, and many things,” Brown says.


Before the two Clayton State students even left, both agreed that they would love to go again.

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