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Copeland, Fitzpatrick, Krop, Mohamed, Nakos and Zeller Named to 2015 University Professorships

Jun 11 2015

The word professor is derived from Latin as, “A teacher of highest rank.” Typically, colleges and universities reserve the title, “University Professor,” for members of the faculty who make a meaningful impact in the lives of students and colleagues. The rank is a significant designation serving as tangible evidence of the University’s commitment to attracting and retaining stellar faculty; thus ensuring a high quality learning experience for all its students.

Thanks to the generosity of several key donors and the Clayton State University Foundation, the University recently bestowed the title, “University Professor” for 2015 on six faculty members, marking the second year of Clayton State’s annual University Professorship program.

“This spring we began a tradition of awarding University Professorships, a designation which I think is emblematic of the celebration of faculty and their contribution to the education of our students,” said Clayton State President Dr. Thomas Hynes on the occasion of the announcement of the initial University Professorship awards in the spring of 2014.

Clayton State’s 2015 University Professors include: Dr. Susan Copeland, professor of English (the Jack and Sherry Hancock University Professorship); Dr. Peter Fitzpatrick, chair of the Department of Health Care Management (the Kaiser Permanente University Professorship); Dr Elliott Krop, assistant professor of Mathematics (the Clayton State Foundation University Professorship); Dr. A Rafik Mohamed, chair of the Department of Social Sciences (the Clayton State Foundation University Professorship); Dr. George Nakos, professor of Marketing (Georgia’s Own Credit Union University Professorship); and Dr. Kurt-Alexander Zeller, director of Opera and Vocal Studies (Clayton State Foundation University Professorship).

Awarded faculty will carry the title of, “University Professor,” for two years allowing up to 12 faculty to have the distinction at any given time. This recognition comes with a $5,000 annual salary supplement. The Clayton State University Foundation assisted in creating the monetary supplement by creating a matching dollar-for- dollar gifts program.  

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