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Clayton State prepares as campus carry legislation goes into effect

Clayton State prepares as campus carry legislation goes into effect

Jul 06 2017

Clayton State University has taken steps to prepare as Georgia House Bill 280 (HB 280), commonly referred to as “campus carry” legislation, took effect on July 1, 2017.
HB 280 establishes that anyone who is licensed to carry a handgun may do so – in a concealed manner only – anywhere on Georgia’s public college and university campuses, except in certain areas that are specifically listed in the law.

Those exemptions on Clayton State’s campus include the Athletics Center, tennis courts and soccer fields; Laker Hall student residences and non-publicly accessible areas in Laker Village; faculty and administrative offices; and classes that have Move On When Ready (MOWR) students.

Clayton State’s Chief of Police Bobby Hamil, and President Tim Hynes, spoke to faculty and staff during a Q&A forum last Thursday.

Additional sessions on the legislation will be held during new faculty orientation and faculty meetings in August. Students, faculty and staff have been kept informed of the effects of the legislation through internal communication. Students will also receive additional information at the beginning of the fall semester.

Campus police, security and communications officers have also received training about HB 280, including discussions of possible scenarios and response, Hamil says.

Clayton State University is committed to providing a safe environment for our students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Information regarding HB 280 can be found on Clayton State University’s Public Safety webpage.

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