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Clayton State University and Sri Krishna Institutions of India Sign MoU

Jan 23 2015

Clayton State University's international footprint took another giant step forward earlier this month with the signing of a comprehensive Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for international collaboration with Sri Krishna Institutions (SKI) of Kuniamuthur, Coimbatore, India.

Signing the MoU for Clayton State was the dean of the University's College of Business, Dr. Avinandan (Avi) Mukherjee. Signing for the 12,000-student SKI was Ms. S. Malarvizhi, chairperson and managing trustee (in effect, SKI's president.)

Already extensively reported upon in India, the Clayton State/SKI MoU includes two academic program agreements, plus a half dozen additional aspects, including short-term visits by students at both institutions, educational opportunities for faculty from both institutions, including teaching, research and case writing, and a joint conference to be held in India in early 2016.

Mukherjee describes the signing and SKI's welcome as, "overwhelming... an event that attracted an auditorium full of students, faculty, administrators, trustees and press."

The signing was followed by two days of discussions on credit transfers and course alignment, resulting in an agreement wherein the two institutions will jointly offer a four-year undergraduate degree in business, starting in June 2015 in India. According to Mukherjee, students will enroll in a cohort and spend the first two years at Sri Krishna Institution in India, taking courses approved by Clayton State as equivalent to areas A-F of the Clayton State curriculum, as well as some business core courses. The SKI students will then spend the remainder of their time at Clayton State to complete the remainder of the 120 credits required by them to graduate with a Clayton State degree.

Mukherjee further notes that SKI students are also likely to get the opportunity to enroll for an MBA degree from Clayton State by spending an additional year at Clayton State. Additional details of this program will be worked on prior to the summer of 2015.

In addition to the 2+3 undergraduate program agreement and the 2+3 MBA program possibility, other aspects of this agreement include:

a) Short-term visits by SKI students to Clayton State

b) Study abroad visits by Clayton State students to SKI

c) Teaching assignments at SKI for Clayton State faculty

d) Visits by SKI faculty to observe/shadow/participate in teaching assignments at Clayton State

e) Collaborative research projects between the faculty of the two institutions, including case writing

f) The joint conference in India in early 2016

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