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Clayton State Receives USG Grant for Tobacco Cessation Program

Clayton State Receives USG Grant for Tobacco Cessation Program

Nov 11 2014

Clayton State University received a tobacco cessation grant from the Health and Wellness Fund of the University System of Georgia in October.

The $5,000 grant was award to help facilitate the Breath of Fresh Air program that is set to launch at Clayton State in January 2015. The program focuses on supporting faculty and staff in their decision to stop using tobacco products.

“Clayton State would like to provide focused assistance to anyone who is desirous of making the commitment to stop using tobacco, in whatever form, in order to improve their health and their quality of life,” comments Polly Parks, the director of University Health Services.

Clayton State has long offered smoking cessation support, but since applying for the grant in August of this year the university now has the tools to create an incentive-based program to provide more encouragement to those who want to participate.

“If we are successful in assisting anyone in our campus community to stop this usage habit, we are helping them to not only improve their health and their quality of life, but also assisting their productivity at work by reducing their sick time,” states Parks.

Currently there are 30 eligible candidates that will have the opportunity to participate in this program.

Parks comments, “We would like to see all participants break this habit but the reality is that it is a very difficult addiction to overcome and it will have to be a the right time and under the right conditions for each individual to make the commitment to themselves to modify their behavior in this manner.”

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