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Clayton State Awarded Multiple Grants Aimed at Providing No Cost Learning Materials

Clayton State Awarded Multiple Grants Aimed at Providing No Cost Learning Materials

Oct 01 2015


Morrow, GA— Two programs at Clayton State University were awarded grants aimed at defraying the cost of expensive textbooks for students. The announcement for recipients of the Affordable Learning Georgia grant came Wednesday, September 30.

Drs. Michael Fuchs and Christina Howell, along with Professor Nancy Conley were awarded over $16,000 to adopt and create open access educational resources for their Music Appreciation course (MUSIC 2101). Currently, the textbook used for the class runs about $150 per student, but the grant will help revise it to no cost learning materials—saving a total of about $54,000 per academic year for the approximate 360 students enrolled in the course. 

Healthcare Management faculty, Drs. Jocelyn Steward and Kendolyn Smith, along with Student Advisor Ethel Callen were also awarded the grant totaling $15,800 to replace the current textbooks for Healthcare Economics/Econometrics, Healthcare Finance/Accounting, and Ethical Issues in Healthcare with no cost learning materials. Healthcare management undergraduate students take all three courses, so this will reduce their overall costs by $412 per student, and it will reduce costs for grad students by $274. 

In August, Clayton State was ranked number one by James magazine as having the best value in Georgia higher education for the second consecutive year—demonstrating the University’s commitment to providing quality, low-cost education for its over 7000 students.

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