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Clayton State Announces Addition of Healthcare Informatics Concentration to BIT Program

Clayton State Announces Addition of Healthcare Informatics Concentration to BIT Program

Feb 05 2015

The Department of Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT), in the College of Information and Mathematical Sciences (CIMS) at Clayton State University, in collaboration with the Health Care Management (HCM) Program in the University’s College of Health (COH), is pleased to announce the addition of the Healthcare Informatics Concentration to the Bachelors of Information Technology (BIT) program.

Informatics is the study and application of information technology to disciplines outside of the information technology field. Informatics supports development of knowledge through multidisciplinary application of information systems. The Clayton State BIT program added an informatics concentration, consisting of three courses in an outside field, to the program starting with the fall semester of 2013.

The new concentration provides opportunities for Clayton State students to be better prepared for the workforce and to do so within existing programs. In addition, HCM students can minor in Information Technology, thus preparing the two groups of individuals needed in the industry.

"Our Bachelors of Information Technology students are completing their studies in fields such as Business, Communications, Entrepreneurship, and Computer Science,” says Dr. Byron Jeff, chair of the CSIT Department. “We welcome the opportunity for our students to learn more about the growing Healthcare Management field as it relates to Information Technology."

Information Technology is one of the growing industries highlighted of the Governor’s High Demand Career Initiative and IT specialists trained in healthcare applications are in high demand in Georgia,” states Dr. Lila F. Roberts, dean of the College of Information and Mathematical Sciences. “I am delighted that this collaboration between the College of Health and College of Information and Mathematical Sciences can use our existing programs to provide these much-needed skills for our students so that we can better meet workforce demands.”

"As I talk to health care employers across Georgia, they consistently speak of the high demand for Health IT professionals,” says Dr. Lisa Eichelberger, dean of the College of Health. “This unmet need has occurred over several years but with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requiring the use of electronic medical records, integration of more technology and insurance coverage for individuals without medical insurance, more and more individuals are now entering our health system seeking care. As a result, the demand for Health IT professionals rose sharply and is now at a critical level.  

“When full implementation of the ACA occurs, the increased demand for health care services and required technology will cause an even greater need for many types of health professionals and a continuing acute shortage of Health IT professionals." 

"With the emergence of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) the role of IT in health care delivery has greatly expanded. This role will continue to grow as EMR becomes even more prevalent and adopted. IT will be at the forefront as health care organizations look to integrate information systems among themselves and use EMR to deliver better and more error free care,” adds Dr. Peter Fitzpatrick, department chair of Health Care Management.

The courses for the concentration include Introduction to Health Systems Management, Healthcare Information Technology, and Health Care Systems Total Quality Management. The BIT program offers students flexibility to choose concentrated coursework in fields outside of Information Technology to prepare them to apply their IT knowledge and skills in other areas.

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