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Calvary's Harvest Christian Academy and Clayton State to Address Minority Performance on SAT/ACT with Tutoring Program

Mar 31 2015

Calvary’s Harvest Christian Academy, in conjunction with the College of Information and Mathematical Sciences at Clayton State University, are seeking to address the issue of minority performance on the SAT and ACT tests through a series of six weekly tutoring sessions for 10th and 11th graders in the Southern Crescent region of Metro Atlanta.

The six week program officially begins on Saturday Apr. 4, and will provide comprehensive tutoring by Clayton State student volunteers relating to both tests and will also include parental involvement activities. The program will be held on six consecutive Saturdays; Apr. 4, Apr. 11, Apr. 18, Apr. 25, May 2 and May 9 at Calvary's Harvest Baptist Church, 3621 Jodeco Rd., in un-incorporated Henry County. The 60 students in the program will only be allowed to miss one of the six classes.

The goal of the program is to ameliorate the causal effects relating to minority performance on the SAT/ACT as defined and reported by the College Board by sponsoring a Blueprint to Leadership and SAT/ACT Success Program. The tutoring is free, the only costs associated with the program will a $30 fee for the purchase of a license for personal SAT/ACT program and administrative costs.

For more information on the program, or to register, contact Dr. Craig L. Bennett (678) 267-2728 or Dr. Glenn Dowell (404) 680-8244.

"The university is making a proactive statement by attempting to change the history of minority performance on the SAT and ACT," says Dowell. "In summary, the intent of the Blueprint initiative is to boost standardized testing scores and increase students’ possibilities for admittance into postsecondary institutions. For students interested in entering the workforce directly upon graduation, the program can also prepare them for any occupational testing they may be administered as a condition for employment."

The objectives of the program are threefold;

(1) To improve SAT/ACT scores for underrepresented/ socio-economically challenged groups.

(2) To develop leadership programs for underrepresented/socio-economically challenged groups.

(3) To increase the academic achievement of students and college acceptance of underrepresented/socio-economically-challenged students.

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