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CSU Honors Three Faculty with Prestigious Hatfield Award

Aug 24 2015

This fall marked the seventh annual faculty awards in the College of Arts and Sciences at Clayton State University. These awards are among the College’s most prestigious recognitions for its full-time faculty and are made possible by and named after Dr. Gene Hatfield, long-time (1976–2008) history professor at Clayton State. Faculty members are chosen who have demonstrated distinguished achievement in the areas of teaching, scholarly activities and service to the College and the University. 

Dr. Andrea Allen, an assistant professor of criminal justice was recognized with the Hatfield Scholar of the Year. During the 2014-2015 academic year, she wrote or co-authored eight different scholarly articles on policing and drug policy. 

Dr. Nikki Sawyer, an assistant professor of biology, was awarded the Hatfield Teacher of the Year honor. She is a graduate of Clayton State and 2007 Chancellor’s Academic Recognition Award recipient. Her exemplary teaching abilities, enthusiasm, and creativity earned this award.

Dr. Barbara Musolf, an associate professor of biology, was recognized with Hatfield Service Award. She has given exceptional service to the University as chair of the Faculty Senate for two successive terms, contributing to the development and implementation of University policies and programs.

 “The College of Arts & Sciences is extremely proud of all three recipients of these faculty awards. Together, they have clearly demonstrated the highest standards of scholarly achievement, teaching excellence and University service and leadership, which makes the College of Arts & Sciences the heart of higher education and the gateway to responsible citizenship and careers,” expressed Dean Nasser Momayezi.

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