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A Rebirth of Dance by the Clayton State University Dance Ensemble

A Rebirth of Dance by the Clayton State University Dance Ensemble

Mar 19 2015

Rebirth of DanceThe Clayton State University Dance Ensemble will present, “Recrudescence: A Rebirth of Dance” in Spivey Hall on Friday, Mar. 27 at 7:30 p.m.

This free performance marks the introduction of the Clayton State University Dance Ensemble to the community, and the reintroduction/rebirth of dance to Clayton State.

“Most people don't know we are now dancing at Clayton State, and we are!” says Katie Marie Kelly, assistant professor of Musical Theatre and Dance at Clayton State. “However, what most people truly don't know is that dance was present on the Clayton State campus since the University opened in 1969. In fact, dance classes were held at Clayton State for the first 20 years of service and then dance disappeared completely in 1989.

“So, after 26 years of inactivity, we are dancing again at Clayton State and with a formal dance minor program.”

The Mar. 27 program will include pieces in folk dance, ballet, modern dance, and jazz dance and will feature an ensemble of 11 dancers. In addition, video clips will play in between the pieces during the concert wherein Kelly will tell the history and story of dance's presence on the campus and what the Dance Ensemble is trying to do with the program.

Kelly also notes that the dance minor and the Dance Ensemble are in a period of development and that she is building the program with the basic resources.

“We have great hopes for what our dance program will be in the future!” she exclaims. “We present to the community our first-ever concert dance performance on Clayton State's campus and share with you our talents on Mar. 27.”

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