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A Note from the Director

Feb 03 2017

As Director of the Center for Supply Chain Management, I am seeking opportunities where our Supply Chain Management students can gain work experience and mentorships with local area supply chain and logistics companies. The experiences for the students will fall towards internships where company partners will have the influence to help develop, mentor, and train young talent so they can gain a solid foundation to start their career pathways in the supply chain and logistics industry.

Internships are not hard to establish and I am available to assist in this adventure with you. The word internship is a term we use here at the University level, as the student will take the internship as a course of study for course credit here at CSU. When I meet with interested companies on this program, I tell them to look at the internship position as a part-time labor advantage in that you get good talent to help support your daily activities at your location. This type of part-time/internship is a minimum of 20 hours worked per week (more if necessary, based upon the students college course schedule) and preferred as a paid position. I have found in my discussions with partner companies who are helping students, that bringing in students as a part-time employee gives the local management the ability to participate in the learning initiatives for the student and by-passes the corporate internship programs, as these type of programs are good, but they may not recognize Clayton State as one of the universities they support.

I hope you see the value in helping young talent learn about our industry through your experiences and company service to your customers. I am available for further discussion should you would like more information on this initiative.

John Mascaritolo

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