Syllabi and Course Information


INTE 4500 - Integrative Studies Capstone

BALS 4500 - Liberal Studies Capstone

INTE 3901 - Integrative Studies Internship

BALS 3901 - Liberal Studies Internship

TECH 4098 - Technology Management Internship


The internship courses are offered each semester and 100% online via Desire@Learn. Enrollment in the internship courses require junior standing and a 2.0 GPA. Student must attend workshop prior to enrollment. 

The internship requires completion of 150 hours at a site that closely relates to students' career and/or academic goals.

The capstone course reviews the meaning of Interdisciplinary Studies and requires research in an effort to gain more insight of students' specialty areas (i.e. Minor or Concentration). The research will assist with post-graduate plans of employment and/or graduate school. The courses are offered each semester and 100% online via Desire2Learn. Enrollment in the capstone course requires senior standing, and completion of CRIT 1101 - Critical Thinking with a grade of C or better.




Internship Workshop - Job Search Strategies


Students seeking Spring 2018 internships should plan to attend the Job Search Strategies Workshop on Tuesday, September 12. There are two times available of 11:30am - 12:30pm in the University Center, Rm. 327 or 5:00pm - 6:00pm in the University Center, Rm. #327. You must RSVP through Laker CareerZone. If you are completing the degree 100% online, you can obtain information covered in the workshop by contacting Career Services @ (678) 466-5400.


RSVP is required through LakerCareer Zone.

To RSVP for the workshop: 

  • Login to Laker CareerZone through the S.W.A.N.
  • From the Laker CareerZone Home Page, click on the "Events" tab at the top
  • Under "Events", click on the "Workshops" tab
  • Choose the session(s) you would like to attend and click "RSVP"

Students who attend this workshop will go through a full review of completing the internship learning agreement form and the process for receiving the evaluation from their supervisors. If you are considering the internship for Spring semester,  the agreement must be returned to me no later than December 5


Internships/Experiential Learning


The Integrative Studies Internship (INTE 3901) and  Liberal Studies Internship (BALS 3901) are the principal "experiential learning" components of the programs; although, students may also earn additional credit via other internships or cooperative education.

The internship is normally taken in the first term of the senior year, and the placement site will be in a professional work environment related to the interests/career goals of the individual student. Placement may be with for-profit, not-for-profit, or governmental entities as appropriate.

Collaborating businesses/agencies must agree to create and supervise meaningful experiences that will allow students to observe and participate in real world projects and activities that bear directly on the challenges of the contemporary workplace. Students are permitted to complete an internship in the company where they are already employed, but the duties must be separate from daily tasks. Students are encouraged to seek experiential opportunities outside the USA.

Liberal Studies and Integrative Studies' students aren't permitted to complete the internship in  public schools, due to direct supervision of a certified teacher. If you are pursuing a career in education, feel free to meet with me to discuss other options.

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