PHYS 1111 L

PHYS 1111 L Syllabus


PHYS 1111 L Schedule

The laboratory schedule for PHYS 1111L, Introductory Physics Laboratory I, is provided in the table below. This lab schedule is linked to the laboratory advanced sheets. Laboratory advanced sheets provide instructions for completing lab experiments. Additionally, they often contain data tables to assist the student in organizing his or her efforts in the lab. Students should read the laboratory advanced sheets before the lab is conducted, print them out, bring them to lab, and pay particular attention to the requirements for the associated lab report described within them.





 Advance Sheet

1.1 January 12 Pre Lab Session Required
  January 19 Martin Luther King Holiday
1.2  January 26   Measurement & Intro to Excel
2 February 2    Acceleration Due to Gravity
3 February 9 Opposing Forces
4 February 16 Projectile Motion
5 February 23 Pressure in Fluids
6 March 2 Conservation of Energy
   March 9 Spring Break 
7 March 16 Archimedes Principle
8 March 23 Ballistic Pendulum
9 March 30 Center of Mass
10 April 6 Oscillatory Motion
11 April 13 Standing Waves
12.1 April  20 Final Lab Exam
12.2 April 27 OPEN


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