Lab Practical #1


Laboratory Safety

Laboratory Safety Guidelines

Lab #1 - Brightfield Microscopy and Cellular Morphology/Microbes in the Environment and Colonial Morphology

Lab 1 Objectives

Microscopy Handout

Microscopy Lab Report

Microbes in the Environment Handout

Lab 1 and 2 PowerPoint

Lab #2 - Aseptic Technique/Bacterial Isolation by Streak Plate

Lab 2 Objectives

Aseptic Handout

Aseptic Technique PowerPoint

Media PowerPoint

Lab #3 - Smear Preparation/Staining

Lab 3 and 4 Objectives

Staining Handout

Staining PowerPoint

Review for Lab Practical #1

Lab Practical #1 - Jeopardy


Lab Practical #2


Lab #5 - Bacterial Enumeration

Lab 5 Objectives

Enumeration Handout

Practice Dilutions

Enumeration PowerPoint

Lab #6 - Temperature Effects on Growth/Oxygen Requirements

Lab 6 Objectives (Fall/Spring Semesters Only)

Lab 6 Objectives (Summer Semester Only)

Temperature Lab Handout

Oxygen Handout

Lab #7 - Osmotic Pressure Effects on Growth/Lethal Effects of Temperature

Lab 7 Objectives (Fall/Spring Semesters Only)

Lab 7 Objectives Summer (Summer Semester Only)

Osmotic Pressure Handout

Lethal Effects of Temperature Handout

Lab#8 - UV Light/Antibiotic Effects on Growth

Lab 8 Objectives

UV Lab Handout

Antibiotic Handout

Lab#9 - Staphylococcus Identification Lab

Lab 9 Objectives

Staphylococcus ID Handout

Staphylococcus Data Sheet

Staphylococcus ID Media Study Guide

Staphylococcus ID Media PowerPoint

Lab#10 - ELISA - Fall/Spring Semesters ONLY

ELISA Protocol

ELISA PowerPoint

Review for Lab Practical #1

Lab Practical #2 - Jeopardy

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