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           Dr. Hollowell is a former public school science teacher & a current professor of education.  See environmental action from 1/27/16 public hearing at Georgia environmental protection division meeting, in which I reference this cia video  at 3:40 minutes.

For more information on aerosol geoengineering & stratospheric aerosol injection, see here & here.

                                       author of The Forgotten Room: Inside a Public Alternative School


sample awards


 Fulbright Teaching Scholarship to China    

in Lijiang636185577717082739


 photo credit:  Nathan Keltner, U.S. Embassy Beijing

            Mary & her daughters in Lijiang, China

2010 Equity & Social Justice Advocacy Award, National Association for Multicultural Education

International Book Awards finalist for The Forgotten Room

2nd Place in Nonfiction at Sandhills Writers Conference, 2004



sample grants & courses


sample science grants:

Toyota Tapestry grant to teach oceanography, Toshiba grant for freshwater ecology, Ted Turner's Captain Planet grant for organic gardening, Partners in Education grant for a backyard bog, Kids in Need grant for vivariums, National Education Association grant & National Dairy Association nutrition grant 

Educational Policy 

Multicultural Education

Educational Psychology 

Children's Literature for Teachers (book reviews at Parents' Choice) 




sample presentations

33rd IBBY International Congress (2012)                       &          British Association for Early Childhood Education of Edinburgh (2015)

 (list of delegates)  (Poster Sessions alphabetical)


 Peter Sis wins medal at IBBY 2012! (photo by Mary Hollowell)     teaching in Scotland fig. 1        Mary teaching in Scotland fig. 2




onstage with Chris Raschkaon

Onstage with children's book illustrator Chris Raschka at CLNE                  - photo by David Nelson






grand finale CLNE 2016


sample publications in (continued)


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