PSYC 2013 Introduction to Human Development


PSYC 2013 Introduction to Human Development 


Welcome to Psych 2013 Introduction to Human Development!

I'm sure you are going to enjoy this course and find it very applicable to your everyday lives. You will learn about your family (brothers, sisters, children, parents, grandparents) and about yourself! Life is an amazing journey. You will appreciate it more if you know the intricacies of how people grow and evolve throughout the lifespan.

The required textbook for this course is Berger's (2014) The Developing Person through the Life Span. 9th Edition, NY: Worth  The Launchpad textbook software package is also required for my section.  Launchpad comes with a copy of the e-textbook, so you can just purchase the Launchpad software with the e-textbook if you do not prefer a hard copy of the book. If you have a used copy of the textbook without the Launchpad access code, you will still need to purchase the Launchpad access online or through the bookstore. You will need the Launchpad to do the required online quizzes in my section.

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PSYC 3140 Crisis Intervention


PSYC 3140 Crisis Intervention Syllabus Spring 2017

Life is full of ups and downs. One way to look at it is that life is a series of problems to be solved. Along the way we experience loss and times of crisis. While these times may be painful, they often result in newfound strength, resilience, and growth. This course will help you to understand the types of crisis situations human beings often encounter and how these events influence our perceptions, emotions, and behavior. More importantly, you will develop empathy and skills for helping people who are experiencing a crisis. This course will enhance your ability to work with others in human service settings, organizations, families, and any place where you encounter people in crisis. You will also have an opportunity to read a novel or autobiography that portrays someone in crisis and use it as a case study to apply crisis theory and intervention. Get ready for an interesting and growth-producing journey!

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PSYC 3350 Abnormal Psychology


PSYC 3350 Abnormal Psychology

Abnormal Psychology Syllabus Fall 2016

Welcome to Abnormal Psychology!

This course will help you to understand the range of psychological problems that human beings experience-- their symptoms, their causes, and their treatments. It will allow you to become a resource for people in your family and work settings so that you can give them correct information about the nature of psychological disorders, refer them for help when they need it, and demysticize the process of overcoming their problems. You will see that people are more similar than different, and you will gain new respect for individuals who are coping with psychological problems.

This is a hybrid course that meets one day per week on campus. The remainder of the coursework will be conducted online. Click on the link to the course syllabus above to see the course requirements.

Please note that my section of Abnormal Psychology requires both the textbook by Comer and the Launchpad software package that comes with the textbook to complete the online requirements. The Launchpad software package comes with a copy of the e-textbook so you don't have to purchase a separate copy of the textbook unless you prefer a hard copy. If you have a used copy of the textbook you will still have to purchase access to the Launchpad software package to complete the required online quizzes for this course because the video clips used for the quizzes are contained within Launchpad.

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PSYC 3350 Health Psychology


PSYC 3530 Syllabus Spring, 2014

Welcome to PSYC 3530 Health Psychology!

This course will introduce to you the ways that psychologists help people to prevent, manage, and treat health problems in their everyday lives. Did you ever stop to think that most of the major health problems (e.g., heart disease, cancer, diabetes, HIV, obesity, smoking) can be prevented or delayed well into old age just by changing one's behavior? If this is so, why aren't more people healthy?  Research in health psychology seeks to answer this question by examining what motivates people's health behaviors and how we can make changes. During this course you will learn some of the answers to these questions and, in the process, you will become more aware of the importance of attending to your own health.

This is a hybrid course that meets one day per week on campus. The remainder of the coursework will be conducted online. Click on the link to the course syllabus above to see the course requirements.

See you soon!




PSYC 3520 Theories of Personality


PSYC 3520 Theories of Personality Syllabus Spring 2013

Welcome to PSYC 3520 Theories of Personality!

Do you remember the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? If you were one of the dwarfs which one would you be? Happy? Bashful? Grumpy? Certainly not Dopey!  I guess it depends on your personality. That's what we are going to study this semester-- the mystery of what makes each of us unique.

Are we born with our personality or does it develop through life experience? How much of who we are is biologically or genetically based? Can our personalities change over the course of our lives? If so, how much? What are the various theories that can explain how our personalities develop, and how has research supported these theories? What new research findings have shed light on the various elements of our personality? Stay tuned as we explore these fascinating questions. You will learn about the people around you and what makes them tick, but you may end up learning even more about yourself! 



PSYC 5180 Advanced Theories and Practice


PSYC 5180 Advanced Theories and Practice Syllabus Spring 2017

Welcome to PSYC 5180 Advanced Theories and Practice

This course is designed to allow graduate students in the masters program in clinical psychology to continue your exploration of various models of psychotherapy and other treatment modalities. In the process, you will deepen your ability to select and apply appropriate interventions in a clinical setting. This course will help you to continue to monitor and analyze your own growth as a psychotherapist as you venture out into clinical practicum settings.



PSYC 5150 Group Therapy


Group Therapy Course Syllabus Fall 2016

Welcome to PSYC 5150 Group Therapy!

This course is designed to teach graduate students in the masters program in clinical psychology how to develop and lead groups in therapeutic settings. Students will learn about group dynamics, the stages of group development, typical roles that develop in groups, and behaviors that facilitate or detract from the achievement of group tasks and goals. The course will include lecture, videotape demonstrations, and experiential exercises. Students will learn how to successfully lead psychotherapy and psychoeducational groups in clinical settings. Students will also gain an appreciation for the power of group therapy as a therapeutic modality, unique from other treatment strategies.


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