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Course Material


Course Syllabus

Treatment of Data Lab Instructions

Theory lab: Spartan Project

DCl data: DCl data.pdf

Prelab Data Lab: Pre_lab_data.pdf

Prelab Theory: Pre_lab_Spartan.pdf

Prelab Equilibrium: Pre_lab_equilibrium.pdf

Prelab Enzyme Kinetics: Pre_lab_enzyme_kinetics.pdf

Prelab Iodine Clock: Pre_lab_iodine_clock.pdf

Prelab Dye Absorption: Pre_lab_dye_absorption.pdf

Prelab CdSe Absorption: Pre_lab_CdSe.pdf

Prelab: HCl RoVib: Pre_lab_HCl.pdf

Old Syllabus:

Spring 2015

Spring 2014: CHEM_3411L_syllabus_sp2014.pdf

Spring 2013: CHEM_3411L_sylabus_sp2013.pdf

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