Dr. Greg McNamara


Greetings and welcome to my faculty page at Clayton State University.  As you might already know, I'm a member of the Literature faculty in the Department of English.  I ordinarily teach courses in early British Literature, including courses on Shakespeare and his era at the graduate and undergraduate level, but I also offer courses in American and World Literature and sometimes teach foundation courses for our majors like Introduction to Literary Studies and Great Books.

I am from the Eastern Shore of Maryland—Dorchester County in the Tidewater region, not far by boat, by horse, or on foot from the earliest English settlements along the James River in Virginia, where my ancestors came to live in the early seventeenth century.  My family name, a modernized form of an earlier Irish name, Mac Conmara, means "Son of the Hound of the Sea," so my heritage is a maritime one as was my upbringing.  As a young adult, I left the Shore and studied in the Appalachian Mountain region of Western Maryland and West Virginia and I have now been in Georgia for nearly twenty years and live in Henry County.

When you see me around campus, please feel free to stop me to talk about your classes and how things are going--I look forward to working with you and enjoying literature and culture with you.


Current and Upcoming Courses


Spring 2018

Click on the links below for course syllabi.  

*Note: for British Literature, please be aware that there is an MW and also a TR Schedule of Assignments--just keep the page you need.


Recently Offered Courses


Fall 2017

  • American Literature II
  • British Literature I
  • Shakespeare

Spring 2017

  • American Literature II
  • British Literature I
  • Renaissance Literature

Fall 2016

  • Shakespeare
  • British Literature I

Spring 2016

  • Great Books
  • Renaissance Literature
  • British Literature I


    Office Hours


    Location: Arts and Sciences Building (G) 105-K

    Hours for Fall 2018

    MW 1:00-3:30; TR 10:00-11:00
    And by appointment.

    The Department of Enlgish Main Office is in Arts and Sciences Suite 110.  My office is in the suite across the hall, all the way down on the right-hand side.

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